How to get new and updated equipment all the time?  

Operational Rental & Service

The quick solution that's right for you

Why rent your equipment?

At last, short- and long-term rental solutions, alternatives to purchasing machinery, are also available in our industry!

At Comastri, we are among the first to combine the needs of equipment users and equipment buyers. How do we do this? By offering you the all-inclusive opportunity that facilitates you both operationally and financially.

Save money without investing! Let's find out together what are the advantages of short-term or long-term operational rental (18 to 60 months)

Rental: less investment, more flexibility

Your company's administrative department will appreciate being able to rent, for a certain period ranging from 18 to 60 months, quality equipment without having to buy it.

Service: technical support and maintenance included in the service

Take your mind off things: the Rental & Service solution, whether short or long-term, includes technical support (maintenance, testing, instructional course, and installations).

Why choose Rental & Service?

Operational Benefits

Speed in emergencies

Need a machine right away, and maybe for a short period of time? Don't waste time dealing with tax, accounting, and legal issues: rent to reduce time and costs.

Constant availability of new equipment

With rental, equipment replacement is more frequent, which allows you to always work with the latest technology. Also, with rental, you do not take on obsolescence and loss of asset value.

Planned technology renewal

We determine when it is appropriate to schedule a technological renewal so that we always have the highest perfomance.

Fast case management time

Unlike other providers, we ask for very few documents (email, phone, recipient code, Iban, Identity Document, privacy) to start the rental file and the response time is really fast.

Management Benefits

Certain costs

No surprises: certain and scheduled costs, for a defined time(18-60 months)

Service management included

The following services are always included in the installment: all-risk insurance, coverage in case of theft, fire and damage, maintenance, transportation, calibrations, installation and testing included in the fee.

All-risk insurance included

Rental & Service provides you with peace of mind against any unforeseen event.

Payment after one month after delivery

You will not have to pay for everything right away, but you will start paying a month after you receive the equipment.

Financial Benefits

Unbudgeted asset

Unlike buying, renting allows you not to record the asset on your balance sheet.

Deductible fee

You can take advantage of the fee deductibility to save even more money.

Improved cash flow

Renting solves cash flow problems and enables better management of outgoings.

Asset redemption

We agree from the outset on the redemption price of the asset, guaranteeing maximum transparency in the event that, at the end of the rental period, you decide to purchase the machinery

How does Rental & Service work?

Fill out our form

Fill out the form to tell us the services you need in addition to the product itself. For more information call or write to us

Get your quote

We will send you our estimator where you can enter a few simple details to understand the cost of rental from 18 to 60 months (excluding vat)

Make your rental choice

Send us back your rental choice complete with the completed required documents via email

Your file is approved

Within a few days you will have approval of your file and the delivery time to receive the goods. You will start paying from the following month!

What happens at the end of the rental period?

You can choose from three different options:

What are the tools you can rent:

  • Gas Detectors

  • Pressure

  • Temperature

  • Thickness

  • Level

  • Scope

  • Go

  • Sound

    If, on the other hand, you need a tool that does not fit into the categories listed, please contact us.

    At Comastri, we know how to help you

    Support services included in the price

    When you need assistance, we are there!

    What the Service part includes

    • Corrective maintenance plans
    • Spare parts
    • Upgrades and retrofits
    • Testing and installation reports
    • Technical assistance reports
    • Moving and assembly
    • Help desk and online support
    • Electrical dispersions
    • Education of personnel in charge of installed equipment
    • Installation and maintenance protocols

    In what areas do we operate?

    • Industrial

    • Hospital

    • Automotive

    • Mechanics

    • Plastic molding

    • Pharmaceutical

    • Aerospace

    • Cosmetic

    • Food

      For whom is this service perfect?

      Rental & Service is a new smart service designed for businesses that want to equip themselves with quality machinery with advantageous and innovative solutions.

      An all-inclusive service with financial and technical facilities that combines the features of the best equipment on the market with the always-available and included service and maintenance.

      We offer you the expertise of our iso 9001 quality certified technical support to meet all your needs.

      Smart solutions without surprises are the future we believe in.

      Our certifications

      • f-gas
      • brazer
      • pes-pav-pei
      • Certificates of technician participation in the various training and refresher courses for the various brands covered
      To get in touch with us about this service, please fill out the form

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