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Davide Comastri is an industrial representative who deals simultaneously with several manufacturing companies. This type of figure is a valuable support to theindustrial entrepreneur. The industrial representative has the task of generating interest among customers and acting as a bridge between suppliers and potential users of equipment. He generally operates in Emilia Romagna and Veneto, but collaborations can also be defined for other territorial areas. The figure of the representative offers sales consultancy, taking on the task of establishing business contacts between represented companies and customers in a stable manner, and without subordination, on the basis of the constraints defined by the agreement known as an agency contract.

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Our history

  • 1990-1997Start ofactivity

    Davide Comastri began his career as an employee in an electronic components company. He is responsible for the commercial area for sales in Italy and abroad. During these years he began to build up experience in the world of industry.
  • July 1997Personal enterprise

    Comastri set up his own business as an IREM agent. During these years he developed experience in various industrial fields.
  • July 1997IREM employee

    Comastri sets up his own business as an IREM agent dealing with products such as: stabilisers, UPSs, electronic network conditioners, mechanical components, transmission organs, rollers and components for conveyor belts.
  • 2004Newmandates

    As the business develops, new mandates are acquired in the sectors:
    • testing for automotive components
    • food
    • pharmaceutical
    • mechanic
    • electronic
    • manufacturers Electric motors
    • assembly lines
    • special machines
    • end-of-line equipment and testing
  • November 2004Opening ofthe office

    Following the acquisition of new mandates, the business is expanded and its own commercial secretariat is set up. The office in Anzola Emilia was opened.
  • September 2008Kistler

    Representation was acquired for Kistler, an important Swiss company that manufactures measuring instruments, force-torque sensors and electric presses.
  • 2013Website

    Comastri invests in the creation of ComastriDavide.com which is used to showcase products to customers. Thanks to the site he is able to develop his business greatly and acquires many contacts and orders in the sectors.
  • November 2014Newoffice

    Following the acquisition of new representatives and the enlargement of the staff, the activity is transferred to Zola Predosa, Via Risorgimento 35/E. The new office has larger spaces and is suitable for an activity in continuous evolution.
  • September 2015IonScience

    The number of companies represented increases, and cooperation begins with a fast-growing company dealing with high-end measuring instruments: IonScience. Expertise is gained in portable instrumentation for environmental measurements and surveys.
  • October 2016Julabo

    A new leading representative in the liquid thermostatting sector is acquired: JULABO. JULABO is a worldwide manufacturer of liquid thermostatting instruments. These fluid temperature control instruments are used successfully in research and industry and in thousands of applications of all kinds.
  • October 2016Espec

    ESPEC also becomes a representative of Comastri, the world's leading company in the field of air temperature control, climatic chambers, laboratory and industrial stoves and ovens. Sectors expanded to include aerospace, food and bottling.
  • February 2018SGMLEKTRA

    A new representation for SGM Lektra was acquired. SGM Lektra produces instruments for measurement and control in industrial processes and the integrated water cycle. In particular, instruments for measuring flow, pressure, level and temperature. JULABO is a worldwide manufacturer of instruments for thermostatting liquids. These fluid temperature control instruments are successfully used in research and industry and in thousands of applications of all kinds.
  • December 2017Certification

    ComastriDavide achieves DT58 certification The Quality Mark D.T. 58 is the technical scheme aimed at certifying Quality Trade Agents. Being certified in Quality means being visible to the economic world as an agent recognized by an accredited third party. In fact, the current economic scenario is already demanding that this category acquire "a business mentality and culture".
  • April 2018ComastriDistribution

    A new company is set up to expand sales possibilities. Comastri Distribution S.r.l. is a company for the sale of industrial products throughout Italy and Europe. Comastri sets up a new state-of-the-art e-commerce Comastridistribution.com to sell these products via the web as well.
  • May 2020Technical support

    During 2020, several technical service departments are activated for after-sales service to customers. In May 2020, Kistler service. In June 2020, Alifax service. In September 2020, bioMérieux service.
  • February 2022Certification

    Comastri Distribution achieves ISO9001-2015 corporate quality certification.
  • April 2022Publication ofnew website.

    Comastri Davide invests in the new site where new services such as technical assistance, operating rental quoter and where new products for distribution have been included
  • May 2022Biosystemsand Text

    Nel maggio 2022, si aggiunge Biosystems ,assistenza tecnica di strumenti analitiici nel laboratori enologici. Nell'aprile 2022, Comastri Distribution intraprende la distribuzione di prodotti Testo

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