Technical assistance for products under warranty and out of warranty

How the technical assistance service for faulty or defective goods works

Follow the instructions to send us your instrument and receive assistance.

  1. Compila Modulo RMA e compila i dati richiesti
  2. Email the Form to [email protected]
  3. Comastri Distribution's dedicated staff will take charge of your file, assess the specific situation and recount you as quickly as possible.
  4. After receiving authorization for shipment from the appropriate personnel, you will be able to ship the instrument. All shipping information will be forwarded by Comastri Distribution's assigned staff.
  5. If the material turns out to be under warranty, Comastri Distributionion will take care of the necessarytechnical assistance.
  6. If the material is found not to be under warranty, an off-contract on lab technical service will be arranged.

What does on lab technical support provide out of warranty?

Anoff-contract on lab technical support involves CD sending a lump sum quote.
Once the material is received, (if the material is found not to be under warranty) customer support sends a flat-rate quote that the customer decides whether to accept or reject.
Once the quote is accepted, the lab examines the product. If it is found to be indeed repairable, repairs are made within an estimated time frame of 2 to 4 weeks. If the product is not repairable, it is sent back at the customer's expense.
If it is necessary to reformulate the estimate, repair will be carried out only after the customer has approved the new estimate.

How to make the shipment?

Goods must be shipped on CD after completing the RMA form online. A printed copy of the form must be placed on the outside of the shipped package along with the shipping document.

The address to which the package should be sent is:
Comastri Distribution S.r.l
Via Risorgimento 35/E,
40069 - Zola Predosa
(BO, Italy)