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ION SCIENCE - Production of VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) detectors and PID photoionisers

ION SCIENCE has over 30 years of industry experience in the design, manufacture and supply of PID gas sensors, gas detection instruments and leak detectors for a wide range of industries and applications. Founded in 1989, it has grown its worldwide reputation by opening branches around the globe. The head office is located in Cambridge (UK).

Research is at the heart of our company, developing our technologies and new products. Instruments are often available in portable, laboratory or fixed versions for installation in the field.

Product categories:

  • Portable gas and leak detectors
  • Personal gas detectors
  • Leak detectors and fixed gas detectors
  • Semi-portable gas and leak detectors

ION SCIENCE products

ION SCIENCE manufactures gas detectors, leak detectors and corrosion monitoring instruments. Our instruments are conceived and designed by our specialised team for application in a wide range of industries. Research is at the heart of our company's development of our technologies and new products. Instruments are often available in both portable and laboratory versions.

Product categories:

  • Benzene monitors
  • Gas and leak detectors
  • Background gas meters
  • Hydrogen flow meters
  • Mercury gas detectors
  • PID and VOC detectors and meters
  • SF6 leak detectors
  • Gas sampling bags
  • Biogas analysers

Ion Science produces a wide range of high-tech products. VOC meters, leak detectors, benzene monitors, mercury analysers and corrosion monitors are distributed and renowned worldwide. Gas detectors can be used in a very wide range of environmental applications, petrochemicals, chemicals, indoor air quality and landfills, biogas plants, to name but a few.

A more complete list can be found in the section Sectors of Application

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Portable benzene and VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) detectors

Tiger LT

Entry level detector for VOC monitoring.

Entry level detector for VOC monitoring.

An inexpensive but accurate photo-ionisation detector for the detection of volatile organic compounds. It has a range from 0.1 to 5000 ppm. It can be used as a personal protection detector but also as a space analyser. Designed for use in the field, it has a 24-hour operating time even in humid environments. It has an industry record response time of 2 seconds. It can store 80000 points and up to 128 user-settable zones.


Accurate and precise detector for the detection of VOCs.

Entry level detector for VOC monitoring.

It is an advanced VOC detector with a range from 1ppb to 20000ppm with a fast response time of 2 seconds. It contains a gas table of 480 detectable compounds. The instrument can be connected to a PC via a USB cable for fast configuration and analysis of collected data. It can record up to 120000 readings in its internal memory.

Tiger Select

Accurate and reliable detector for benzene and total aromatic compounds.

Entry level detector for VOC monitoring.

It is based on photo-ionisation technology (PID) and is capable of operating to detect only benzene or total aromatic compounds using special pre-filter cartridges. The device has been optimised to minimise downtime and the reading is immediate. It also provides data for testing the 15 min or 8 hour exposure limits. Without the use of cartridges it can also offer VOC data down to concentrations of 1ppb.

Cub - Personal monitor

Accurate and precise detector for the detection of VOCs.

Entry level detector for VOC monitoring.

The Cub is a personal safety monitor for the detection of hazardous and toxic gases. Cub is the smallest, lightest and most sensitive personal safety PID monitor for monitoring VOCs and total aromatic compounds. It has a sensitivity of ppb and can quickly warn of the presence of toxic gases, including benzene, before they reach dangerous levels.

Stationary detectors for benzene and VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds)


The world's first continuous analysis monitor specifically for benzene


Created to revolutionise the world of refinery instruments, Titan is the first selective monitor with a dynamic range of 0.1 ppm to 20 ppm dedicated to petrochemical and chemical plants. The Titan samples air once per minute and communicates with an RS485, USB or relay control output. Data is stored internally for up to 2 years and can be downloaded to a PC. It offers the possibility of being connected to an alarm system to warn of high concentrations.

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State-of-the-art fixed VOC detector for plant protection and worker safety.


Thanks to photo-ionisation technology (PID), the Falco works even in extreme climatic conditions and condensation. It can continuously detect a wide range of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). The bright LED display allows readings up to 20m away even in bright sunlight. A relay output allows connection to high or low hazard alarm systems. It is available in different models with pump or diffusion.

Spreading hawk

Hawk with pump


Continuous detection of volatile organic compounds with multiple ranges


This rugged fixed VOC monitor has a selectable range of 0 - 10 ppm, 0 - 100 ppm or 0 - 1000 ppm and is ideal for use in manufacturing and process industries where VOCs are typically present. With a 4-20 mA analogue output, the fixed VOC monitor can simply be integrated into a control system (DCS) to provide alerts and allow control of high VOC levels in your working environment! ATEX and IECEx certified, it can be used in areas classified 'Zone 2' and 'Zone 1' without safety barriers.

Portable leak detector

GasCheck G

For fast and accurate detection of small leaks.

GasCheck G - leak detector

It detects small leaks of almost any type of gas or gas mixture. Equipped with a suction mechanism, it can detect gases such as helium, ammonia, argon, butane, hydrogen and SF6. It can be handled with one hand and has an autonomy of approximately 40 hours on AA batteries. Calibrated at the factory, simply switch it on and zero it in the air.

Tesla GasCheck

Portable detector for helium leaks in MRI equipment.

GasCheck TESLA helium detector

The GasCheck Tesla is an extremely sensitive detector designed to operate within strong magnetic fields. The thermal conductivity microsensor ensures fast and accurate helium detection. It is an excellent and much cheaper alternative to mass spectrometers necessarily to be installed outside medical equipment.

Calibrated Leaks

This fitting allows calibrated joints to be created for testing monitoring systems.

Calibrated leaks

IonScience manufactures calibrated leak fittings according to specific customer requirements for required flow, pressure and gas type. Each fitting is ISO 9001:2008 certified ensuring high quality and accuracy. They are constructed from stainless steel to ensure accurate operation over time and are easily installed for annual checks.

Mercury vapour detectors

MVI detector

For fast and accurate detection of Mercury Vapour Indicators (MVI).

MVI - mercury vapour detector

It is a revolutionary instrument capable of detecting mercury vapours in just 3 seconds. Its dual UV absorption technology and ability to detect high mercury concentrations without saturating make it unique on the market. It uses a high performance pump and has audible alarm systems. It requires no regeneration between readings, eliminating downtime. It allows continuous measurements and offers detection ranges from 0.1 to 200 μg/m³ and 1.0 to 1999 μg/m³. It is ideal for monitoring TWAs (time weighted averages).

SF6 leak detectors

SF6 Leakmate

Low cost SF6 leak detector

SF6 Leakmate - Low cost leak detector

It is the ideal portable instrument for detecting SF6 leaks with a lower detection limit of 1 E-6 mbar l/sec suitable for checking leaks in electrical panels. The instrument is equipped with audio alarms that warn the user of leaks and a bar graph LED display that allows the user to understand the extent of the leak. It has a response time of about 1 second. A special "auto shift" function compensates for any pre-existing concentration levels in an environment due to previous leaks.

SF6 Area Check P2

Designed for continuous monitoring of SF6.

SF6 Area Check P2 - fixed detector

Stationary SF6 monitoring instrument that quickly detects SF6 leaks with high sensitivity. It also has a relay output for alarm or safety systems. It is not affected by other gases in the air or humidity. The instrument can be operated from a PC or network interface. It does not use suction pumps, thus avoiding the problems of filter cleaning.

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ION SCIENCE application areas

Additional information

Areas of application
  • Agriculture
    • Production of agricultural gases
    • Fruit ripening
    • Fumigation Gases (such as formaldehyde)
  • Air monitoring
    • Monitoring and detection from industrial chimneys
    • Losses
    • General indoor air quality monitoring
    • Gas control in boxes
    • Measurement of industrial volatile gases in indoor environments
    • Indoor air quality monitoring in industrial environments
    • Perimeter Monitoring
    • Sick building syndrome
  • Self-traction
    • Car production
  • Confined spaces
    • Aircraft / wing tanks
    • Health & Safety, confined space monitoring
    • Ship inspections
    • Silos
  • Emergency services
    • Marine losses
    • Screening tool for first responders
    • Spill investigations
  • Environmental Monitoring
    • Environmental remediation in case of leakage
    • Fuel vapour detection
  • Background gas monitoring
    • Surveys
    • CFCs in landfills
    • CO2 sequestration
    • Coal mines / Underground fires
    • Landfill gas
    • Subsurface - biomass gas
  • Hydrogen flow monitoring
    • Corrosion monitoring
    • Desulphurisation monitoring unit
    • Optimising food stocks
    • HF Corrosion monitoring
    • HIC risk reduction and control
    • Monitoring corrosion at high temperatures
    • Hydrogen bakeout monitoring
    • Acid corrosion monitoring Naphthenic
    • Refinery monitoring
    • Acid corrosion monitoring
    • Sulphur corrosion monitoring
  • Industrial Hygiene
    • Atmospheric monitoring to track chemicals
    • VOC monitoring
  • Investigation and police
    • Arson
    • Clandestine workshops
    • Environmental offences
  • Leak tests
    • Breathing apparatus tests
    • Flow studies in buildings
    • GIS losses
    • Losses in high-voltage installations
    • Tracer gas monitoring
    • VOC losses
  • Mines
    • Coal mining
    • Gold mining
  • Petrochemistry
    • Storage of chemicals
    • Monitoring / Leakage of petrol stations
    • Gas Storage
    • Offshore Gas Monitoring
    • Petrochemical Storage
    • Environmental benzene in refineries
  • Pharmaceuticals
    • Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Scanner maintenance
    • Gas inside hospitals
    • mnfr pharmaceuticals
    • Sterilisation
  • Process control
    • Filter Monitoring
    • Gas leaks
    • Movement Space Monitoring
    • Solvents in chambers
  • Reclamation
    • Fuel supply monitoring
    • Illegal dumping of chemicals
    • Mercury cleaning
    • Monitoring of soil samples
    • Solvent recovery systems
    • Subsurface monitoring
  • Semiconductors / Electronics
    • Semiconductor manufacturing
Application experience articles
  • Sick Building Syndrome - Immediate and clear analysis of the complete picture.
  • Need for fast and accurate VOC measurements in hazardous petrochemical environments.
  • Helium leak detector for use in high magnetic fields
  • Personal VOC detector for monitoring worker safety.
  • Personal PID detector for aromatic hydrocarbons and benzene in petrochemical environments.
  • PID detector for criminal investigations.
  • Gas detector for safety and health Offshore
  • Detection of mercury contamination in industrial soils.
  • Losses in fuel storage.
  • Creation and development of PID technology.
  • Affirmation of standards for PID sampling.
  • PID for industrial hygiene.
  • Detection of benzene in the vicinity of refineries.
  • Large-scale decontamination of mercury and hydrocarbons.
  • Department of Environmental Sciences, Tsinghua University.
  • Broad-spectrum monitoring of VOCs, TICs and CWAs.
  • Detection of argon leakage in the aluminium production process.
  • Testing of compressors for fire services.
  • Research for ambient air control and monitoring.
  • Security monitoring for Shanghai world expo 2010.
  • Leak detection at borehole sites.
  • Monitoring of hydrogen leakage from cooled turbines.
  • Monitoring of SF6 leaks.
  • Quality control and safety in foam industries.
  • PhoCheck+ used for formaldehyde detection in the laboratory.
  • GasCheck used in petrochemical industries.
  • Toxic leaks - PID's used for emergency detection in China.
  • GasCheck used to monitor helium leaks.
  • Ion Science PID's play their part in the Beijing Olympic Games.
  • TVOC used for toxic gas monitoring.
  • TVOC installed in interior spaces.
  • TVOC as a monitor of vapours emitted from the soil.
  • PhoCheck is the ideal tool for VOCs from soil.
  • Monitoring emissions from BMW vehicles.
  • Vehicle VOC monitoring .
  • Water monitoring.
  • Monitoring in chemical industries.
  • Detection of fuel losses in metalworking.
  • GasCheck checks for leaks in offshore pipelines.
  • Global defence and aerospace.
  • Explanations of PID technology .
  • Controlling leaks in a system.
  • TVOC enables detection at the operator level in oil and gas production.

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ISO9001:2015 certification

ION SCIENCE is ISO9001:2015 certified and actively implements our management system for continuous improvement of processes and procedures to enable us to provide OUR customers with the best possible products and services. Maintaining this certification demonstrates a commitment to continuous improvement of the company's management system and service standards to OUR customers.