Operational rental

The advantages of operational leasing

Why choose our operational leasing?

Start saving without investing!

While everyone is proposing the traditional model of buying and owning until obsolescence, turn to us to innovate with rental and use until the next technology renewal cycle.

This allows you to achieve the same results with less effort by using technologically advanced equipment.

CD offers its customers a short- and long-term rental service so that they can use the equipment without having to buy it. Renting allows you to solve emergencies and keep up to date with your actual business needs, eliminating all fiscal, accounting and legal issues. Operational leasing combines the benefit of deferred payment over time, giving the customer the possibility of adapting the equipment according to his needs. It also guarantees shortened depreciation of assets, no risk of obsolescence for him, and obviously more precise planning of company costs .

Easy to request!

Ask us for a quote now and we will be able to calculate your rental right away.
Remember that you will have no problems: we will take care of everything and accompany you in the technological renewal
of your equipment.

The advantages

Find out what your operational and financial benefits are, what happens at the end of the rental period
and our advantages

What can you do at the end of the rental period?

  • Return the machines and take out a new rental contract, or
  • renew the contract for another 12 months with revised fees, or
  • redeem the goods.

What are our advantages if you choose hire?

Thanks to your technological renewal, we can offer used equipment at very favourable conditions.